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August 04, 2011


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Sue Nicholson

Lovely - made me laugh out loud.

Bill Taylor

Story of my life - women laughing out loud at me.

Enid Bühler

Shildon tunnel's claim to fame ...


Superb article this one. It makes me yearn for lost youth and the County Durham of yesteryear.

We knew nowt, we had nowt and we knew no better. Innocence of youth long gone. Thanks for sharing this Bill. It's a gem and a half!

Dave Williams

Ha ha.... a nice memory Bill that triggers all sorts more. The number of times I've been through that tunnel on the way to Darlo then along the Tees south bank to Redcar on Bank Hols.with me Mam & Dad & always in the dark 'cos someone nicked the carriage bulbs or loosened them so that they could get a quick snog in the dark.... my older sister told me.


Crikey. Salut! North has never has such traffic as in the past couple of days since Bill mentioned it anew at Facebook

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