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October 13, 2008


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Great to see Salut! North up and running again and in good form.

Bill Taylor

Bit of a fiddle, though, don't you think? This is a tenuous connection at best to the trials and tribulations of Colin's Shildonian upbringing -- far more suited to Salut! Sunderland. Had that Spennymoor Grammar School girl from the bus stop shown up at Old Shildon WMC as a Charlie Hurley groupie, that would be different matter. But Colin is playing fast and loose with his followers here.

Colin Randall

Salut! North decides what is fit to publish on this site..... the girl at the bus stop has been identified and will be mentioned again soon, though i am far too gallant to share the name (until publishers come along with a fat contract)


I'm with Bill on this one, Colin. The blog, like a misdirected Charlie Hurley pass, has strayed on to the wrong turf.
And the girl at the bus stop can't help but be identified... she's been standing there for 40 years

Bill Taylor

I expect she's kept her hair, though.
In the interests of fairness, I don't recall Charlie Hurley ever actually misdirecting a pass.


Presumably they all went in the stand, exactly as planned.
Hey Dumdad, you can use that as subject matter in Pause for Poetry on The Other Side of Paris

Bill Taylor

Ouch! Touche.
There are, I must admit, lots of rhymes for Hurley.


There once was a defender named Hurley
He played centre half, big and burly
But when Reds came to town, he went up against Law
And was made to look like a girlie

Erm, I won't be giving up the night job

Bill Taylor

I was hoping you wouldn't come up with "girlie" in your list of rhymes.....
But speaking of girlies, how's this for a lame excuse (in an email from Colin yesterday):
"F***ing Typepad! I had 400 words written on a new angels of the north this morning, and the new formatting has so messed up the process that it failed to save when it said it had. hadn't the heart to start again. will it be months before I relent?"


Feeble. I will send him a Biro in the first available post

Bill Taylor

I fear my advertising blitz on Salut! is not producing the results I'd hoped for. Which means it's not much of an ad for the "Advertise Here" facility, either. The money might have been better spent on teams of sandwich-board men to wander the streets of Shildon and Abu Dhabi.


Just saying "hello". Came via Dumdad's blog. Will have a wander round your blog if that's OK. My Granda's a life long Sunderland Supporter. I can only comment on cricket and even that's not worth talking about at the moment. England that is. Not Durham!


Hadriana........you are very welcome here and also at Salut! Sunderland - http://salutsunderland.com

I play cricket once ever 40 years or so -= did my shoulder in last time


You're supposed to use the bat, Colin

Bill Taylor

He was trying to impress that girl at the bus stop.

Joseph Stubbs

Downstairs' boys don't bat.

Bill Taylor

That's as baffling as it may be true.


Christ, has this site not been updated since Nov 11 2008?

Bill Taylor

Christ was resurrected.


I post sparingly to avoid burnout too young.

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