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February 13, 2008


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Bill Taylor

Vicksburg being in Mississippi, the American Deep South, it surely has no place on Salut! North...
This is from the city's official website:
"The Board of Mayor and Aldermen invites you to visit Vicksburg, a progressive city where you will discover a community committed to excellence. Vicksburg is a unique blend of old and new in a city that offers plenty to see and do. From the specialty shops of historic downtown, to the modern Pemberton Mall, and on to the outlet mall, shoppers experience a relaxed atmosphere and friendly people. The Vicksburg National Military Park captures a piece of American history while the Waterways Experiment Station beckons you to encounter tomorrow's engineering marvels up close. Riverboats docked along the 'Mighty Mississippi' provide games of chance, not to mention a spectacular view of 'Ole Man River.'
"Vicksburg, motivated toward prosperity and change, aggressive in attitude, and led by a city government committed to growth and service, invites you to take the time to get to know us. Attitude is everything and in Vicksburg ours is friendly and neighborly. The City of Vicksburg invites you to visit the 'Red Carpet City of the South' where Southern Hospitality is alive and well and awaiting your arrival."
Desert? You decide.


I like your new template well enough and funnily enough, I had just gotten done changing my own and simplifying it completely, so, somehow we were in synchronicity.

When you say you have a wife now, does that mean you are newly wed or that you had a wife and she has now joined you? Just curious.

Yes, you must see an awful lot of desert and miss seeing shrubbery and other bits of greenery, like many trees huddling together.

My only experience with the desert is Palm Springs, California and that was pretty painless.

Pete Sixsmith

Been to Vicksburg- had a great catfish dinner there while following the Mississippi down to its delta where it shines like a National guitar.

Bill Taylor

Given his change in circumstances and the photo at the top of this posting, Colin may well have several wives by now.


Thank you, Bill, that caught me on the funny bone! (Or in plain English that made me laugh).

Of course, we chortle now but supposing Colin does go native, converts and shacks up with a cute camel or three? That would give us the hump (ouch, sorry).

Bill Taylor

He already appears to have developed a taste for camel's milk on his Weetabix(see Salut!). But I think Joelle might have something to say about any attempt to establish a seraglio.


It reminds me of a film I saw once: Florence of Arabia


Or was it Arabian Nits?

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