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January 31, 2008


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Bill Taylor

Elocution lessons? Tell us more. In impeccably well-modulated tones, bearing in mind what the late, very much lamented Bobby Thompson used to say: "Ah taak the way ah taak cos that's the way ah taak."


Colin my cover is blown. I confess to knowing very little about football. I support Boro (if one could call a glory supporter like me a fan) largely because it is the team of my two sons and of my adopted town (or should I say foster town since I still entertain thoughts of retiring to Shildon). It oils the wheels of social commerce on Monday morning and, when in Boro, do as ……. It requires less explanation than supporting that other red and white team 20 odd miles up the road . I do however know all that is NECESSARY to know. How could I have avoided it, growing up in a household completely dominated by the game. I know enough buzz phrases to sound convincing (though clearly I did not fool you), I know how to feign sufficient interest in the game to worry the men of my family into thinking that I may want to join them and so bring about a hasty retreat to all male preserves (quite fun). So, dear bro, I bow to your undoubtedly greater wisdom in all things football and accept humbly and with gratitude, that you acknowledge my equally undoubted and excellent recall faculties.


Oh, I nearly forgot! Now that I don't have to hide my footie inadequacies any more, could you please explain the current premiership league tables to me. I never did,I can admit it now, really understand them. How many points do our respective teams have (glory support or not)and what does that mean in respect of position in the league?

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