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February 15, 2008


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I had boyfriends who lasted about one month and then I decided they suffocated me and I called it quits. One of them, though, became my boyfriend repeatedly and he let me have my ornery way with him and always allowed me to change my mind. He is my husband now and I couldn't have a better one. His love was true and loyal, whereas mine was fickle and untrustworthy, but no longer. I am not that horrible girl anymore who drove the boys crazy and I am now a most loyal wife and a very pleasant matron.

Bill Taylor

You're not the Irene that Colin mentions in his list of inamoratas (real and virtual), are you? If so, give us your side of his story, please.
I'm a little worried about where Colin might be taking us. He's being going on for a while over at Salut! about all things Virgin and now we get a mention here of his virginity, at the time still intact.
I fear we may be on the verge of some ungainly revelation of the kind that in Victorian times frightened the horses.


No, I am afraid I am not Colin's Irene, although I'm sure it would have been a pleasure to have been, although he sounds a little shy when smitten. Maybe he should have been a bit more assertive and grabbed the bull by the horns more. Then his lost virginity might not have been lost as late in life as it did and he would have been a wiser man for it.

Bill Taylor

Quite when Colin bade farewell to chastity is unknown to me and bulls and horns are temptations that I intend to resist. But the Irene I remember could hardly have hoped for a more ardent admirer -- a combination of shyness and assertiveness that she must have found quite beguiling. Whether or not it led to the loss of anything, on either party's part, is a matter for conjecture. At least until our hero sees fit to enlighten us.
I wonder who occupies the Auckland Chronicle office these days?


Bill's post contains what we in the trade would ordinarily call a non sequitur. He follows a point about the amorous adventures of our hero with a question about the occupancy of the Auckland Chronicle office. Are the two linked?

Bill Taylor

It's a question Colin might prefer to address. Or not.


It seems that Colin prefers not to address any question so far. Is there any way of prompting him into action? I could pretend to be one of his lost loves, but which one would I be? Which one really left her mark on Colin?

Hi Colin, I was not quite old enough to have left any lasting mark on you in the not quite liberated 60's, though I did come of age in the 70's and you may have been around then. Where you ever in the States during that time and having drinks in a quiet shady bar in Newport Beach, California?


I suppose that while we are waiting for Colin to overcome his coyness and reveal all about the Auckland Chronicle office, we could ask Irene about that shady bar in Newport Beach

Bill Taylor

As far as lost loves are concerned, it may be best to let sleeping Colins lie.
But Irene -- did you ever come across an Australian named Jim in Newport Beach? A plausible type but, back then anyway, probably shadier than your bar.

tricks to fall asleep

I'm not sure exactly why but this blog is loading extremely slow for me. Is anyone else having this issue or is it a problem on my end? I'll check back later and see if the problem still exists.

Colin Randall

I have no idea why I failed to replv to the impertinent questions above. Too late now

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