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January 10, 2008


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Bill Taylor

For shame! This post is hardly a reflection on the North Eastern England of your youth. It's nothing more than unpaid advertising for yourself and, as such, surely renders you liable to prosecution under the Trade Description Act.

Colin Randall

In case anyone takes my old friend seriously, everything about these sites is unpaid. Unless, that is, you take into account that a year's commission on Amazon sales pays about three months' subscription to the blogging host..........I posted this because I have dealt with an aspect of my younger life - Joelle's arrival in Darlo - in the piece at Salut!

Bill Taylor

Your old friend (not much older than you, either) says: Facile, very facile!


That photo of the Wolsely certainly brings back memories Colin - the shiny brown seats that were freezing cold in winter and sticky in summer, various members of two or three families (Goddards/Reynolds/us) squashed into the 5 seats - Mum hanging on for dear life if we ventured faster than 20 mph. She said we should travel at a speed that allowed us to see every flower in the countryside.
I remember that time we had to turn back from the visit to (probably) Scarborough because we got stuck on Sutton Bank. The scary bit was when the car started to slide backwards.
Ahh nostalgia!!!


Sorry, this should have been on Wheels of Life.

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