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December 11, 2007


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Great read even if I did read the gist of it first time round on your other site.

Incidentally, I would have been interested to read your front page banner headline report.

Bill Taylor

I was there to see Bobby Vee. He put on a terrific show. The only caveat I had was the beard he was sporting. Didn't go with the voice at all.
I notice you don't mention your own performance at Old Shildon club; the folk night which I had the misfortune to MC -- the audience response, as I recall, was on the underwhelming side. The most nervewracking part was the way they just sat and looked at me blankly. I'd have preferred it if they'd booed or even thrown things.

Colin Randall

Bill correctly remembers the beard (see the photo I have just added to the posting). I incorrectly remembered the trouble; I am now convinced that I was recalling two separate nights at New Shildon and turning them, in my mind, into one

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