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December 29, 2007


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Bill Taylor

And the motto of Federation Breweries was?
"Guaranteed Gravity."
I never quite knew what that meant but Fed Best wasn't a bad pint. When I was 17 and working at Doggarts in Bishop Auckland, the father of a guy I knew there was secretary of Willington Conservative Club (a misnomer, if ever I heard one) and he'd sign us in -- totally illegally, given our age -- every Sunday evening when there was a group playing. Three pints of Fed Best and then home on Bond's bus and you'd had a good night out for about 10 bob.
My dad was a member of Cockton Hill Club in Bishop, though, being "filletted," he went to the Grosvenor and Belvedere, too. I never got to go on a club trip but yeah, Whitley Bay, was miles better than Saltburn, Redcar, Seaton Carew or Seaburn. But the Spanish City is long gone now, I believe.
Do "the shows" (as we called them), travelling funfairs, still come to Shildon and Bishop in the summer? Or has that died, too?

paul younghusband

These stories bring back great memories of yourself Colin and your dad Ernie. I was your next door neighbour for years and remember listening to your dulcet tones practicing your folk songs, my poor ears were never the same.
For my 18th birthday your dad presented me with my club cards, what a great gift. This had the plus point of me no longer having to sneak my own dads club cards out of the house and try to get into a workies having to convince a doorman that I was actually over 18 and even more difficult that my name was Cyril.


Hi, came across the above whilst seeking a distant relative & wonder if anyone can help. Looking for Thomas Shields Peacock & family (wife Elizabeth & possible children Raymond, Alice, Vincent, Bessie?). He was a stone mason, born in East Witton. Any news gratefully received!

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